Whose The Prize?

Whose The Prize?

In recent, INTENSE conversation, it was discussed who was the “prize” in the relationship. 

For instance who is the prize Ciara or Russell? Who is the prize Jay Z or Beyonce? Who is the prize Michelle or Obama? 

Really take a minute and choose! So for Ciara and Russell, I chose Russell! Why? Because based on what is portrayed to the media, he was a clean man. Meaning no baggage, no kids, no baby mommas, no scandals, etc. 

In my opinion Ciara came with baggage - a baby, a baby father and she was with multiple men. I believe if you’re asking a man this question he would say Ciara. (But that’s a whole other LLS Diary Insert)

But why does a “prize” have to even exist in a relationship? Why can’t it be that both involved are both the prize? As I reach my 30’s, I consider settling down and getting married, but I don’t want to feel like I’m the prize (even though I am the prize lol) I definitely don’t want that to be the case, nor do I want for my significant other to be the prize. I want us both compliment each other. 


Until next time,

LoveLee LoveLee hold my secrets and keep them tight, don’t tell them while I’m asleep at night.