New Year - New Me Vibes

New Year - New Me Vibes

“New Year, New Me!” That’s the sound of a start to a New Year for most women. But what does that actually mean? Is it like baptism? Are all of your sins washed away? Are you starting a fresh slate within yourself? New diet? Focusing more on you and not that guy?

I can’t cap. I get it!

But I've just never been the, “New Year, New Me” type of woman.

I feel whenever you want to start fresh, you don’t need Jan 1 to do it. We always feel we need a fresh start when we’ve done a series of “bad" things.

 “It's okay to fall, its what you do after the fall.” (words from my momma) So true.!

After eating horribly for a year or two and you’ve definitely surpassed the happy weight, and its just completely sad, or that outgrown friendship that could’ve ended way better than a mean word fight, or that toxic relationship you saw all the red flags to YEAR 1, and yet you’re still in the passenger seat of his ride, asking him to turn down the music because you cant think, all while he’s driving recklessly with complete control over your heart.

 Okay so things got a lil’ rocky. Make the fall, get yourself up, plan to and DO BETTER!

Even if it means falling everyday. Because everyday can be the “New Year, New Me” vibes.

Until next time,

LoveLee LoveLee hold my secrets and keep them tight, don’t tell them while I’m asleep at night.

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  • Sherree Lee

    🥰 I guess you’re listening even when I don’t realize! Great encouragement!

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